Ten Things of Thankful – From the Hip

Ten Things of Thankful – From the Hip

I didn’t expect to be able to write my TToT this week, but I came home from the hospital yesterday and I figured I’d give it a try this morning.  Please excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes as I am under the influence of pain medication, pretty much around the clock at this point.  But I certainly can find ten things to be grateful for today…

1. Said Pain Medication 

I am not great with pain meds because they often make me nauseous, like the one I was given intravenously in the hospital recovery room.  But my doctor prescribed one my tummy and I can handle.  It still makes me super sleepy but it works for now.

2. Hubby

Hubby stayed at the hospital with me for the better part of two days, and followed around while I did my PT so he could learn all the hip precautions I need to take, and nag me at home.  He’s already doing a fine job. This morning he got up with me at the crack of dawn so he could take care of some things around the house, and make me breakfast.

3. My Parents

They took Ayla on Wednesday night and even though they live about half an hour away, took her to school and picked her up Thursday and Friday and no doubt have been showing her a great time.  I never worry about her when she’s with them and I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to go through with the surgery if I didn’t have their help and support.

4.  Medical Equipment

My house looks kind of like a nursing home right now, with walkers and canes and grabbers and shower chairs, etc. but learning how to use all of those things at home made it possible for me to go straight home, instead of spending the first couple weeks in a rehab facility.

5. Exceeding my PT Goals 

The very first time I got out of bed (yesterday) and worked with the physical therapist he said I was just blowing through his expectations.  I was pleasantly surprised – even though it hurts and there is not a lot of movement yet, I was afraid to even leave that bed the first time and I did okay.

6. Visiting Nurse

My doctor set up a visiting nurse to come work with me at home 5 days a week for the next two weeks.  At that point I will most likely graduate to outpatient physical therapy.

7. My Blog Running Itself

I haven’t been blogging much the past couple weeks and I have been afraid my stats would plummet, but my views have been steady.  My recipe posts get the most views, and it seems some of those people have been staying and looking around which is fantastic.

8. My Dogs Being Gentle

I was afraid of getting knocked over by two big dogs that hadn’t seen me in two days, but they were good.  the little one is laying on my good foot right now as I type this.

Sonny ever so gently resting his head on my hip

9. An Outpouring of Prayers and Well Wishes

I was amazed and humbled by the outpouring of support I received on my social media and from IRL friends too.  I really needed those words of encouragement and it helped to know I was being thought of by so many.


I know I have been beating this to death because I was so scared going in, but it’s over and it feels REALLY weird.  It’s painful from surgery, but my old hip pain is gone and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I made the right decision.

Bonus Thing: I was prepared to miss this week’s TToT but I didn’t have to and I haven’t missed one yet since I’ve been participating!

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