Ten Things of Thankful – There’s Always Ten

Ten Things of Thankful – There’s Always Ten

There really is always ten.  Even on the most mundane, uneventful weeks there are at least ten things of thankful.  Even when you’re not getting around as good as you want to, and you’re frustrated there’s ten.  Even when you travel an hour and a half for a follow up doctor’s appointment that takes FIVE minutes there’s ten.  Even when you discover you’ve gained EIGHT pounds since your surgery there’s ten. So, no using the BoSR to shorten my list this week – I can’t dance just yet and I think I still owe them one anyway.

Frustration is starting to set in.  It’s been six weeks since surgery and I know I am doing good and I’m where I’m supposed to be with my recovery, but being housebound and unable to stand for more than 15 minutes or so is starting to take its toll on my mentally.  I am pretty sure this means I’m getting better and feeling more ready to do stuff.  

Here is my little garden area. She’s a neglected mess and she’s just waiting for me to come out and fix her up and plant things in her beds.

And indeed I did do a couple things this week that I haven’t done for a while.  I took my first unassisted, STANDING UP shower yesterday.  For about 5 minutes I felt totally normal!  It feels great to be back in control of my own bathing.  The sitting down showers that Hubby had to help me with were appreciated, but not fun.

Even though I was disappointed that my doctor’s appointment was so brief, I am so happy with my physical therapy.  I am working with two different men there and they are really helping me get better.  Yesterday, after my standing up shower, I was able to RIDE THE BIKE for 5 minutes at PT.  At first it felt very strange and robotic, but by the end of the 5 minutes it felt fluid and the best part is it was completely pain free.  Now that I’m just past the six week mark my routine will change dramatically.  I’ll be doing more strengthening and endurance and trying to learn how to distribute my weight evenly on both my hips and get off the cane.

Lisa was responsible for some of my thankfuls this week.  First of all, I am so glad the 1000 Speak project got her to join Facebook, because I’ve loved connecting with her more there.  She is so sweet and so encouraging and supportive.  She tried a couple of my recipes and gave me her feedback this week.  I LOVE it when people try my recipes!  She even gave me the idea of putting sweet pickles in my chickpea salad – yummmmmy!  She also encouraged me to join in the Hit the Road Jack Blog Tour and write a review of the book Hard Days Hard Nights by Pat DiCesare.


I was reluctant because I haven’t done a book review on Driftwood Gardens before, and I am not a musician or a family member of one.  I’m glad she talked me into it, though, because I thoroughly enjoyed the book and reading and music are two of the things I enjoy most.

The sun setting over my neighborhood – AFTER 7 pm.

This week I thank goodness for daylight savings time.  The extra hours of sunlight are crucial for lifting my spirits at the moment.  I am thankful for time spent with my family this week.  My sister and her family were up from Florida for a few days and we all gathered at Mom and Dad’s house for dinner a couple nights.  Ayla got to spend time with her cousins while Hubby and I traveled 3 hours round trip for that 5 minute doctor’s appointment.

Three beauties

I could go on and on now that I’ve made it to ten.  No matter what, there’s always ten.  What are you thankful for this week?

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