How to build a skate box

How to build a skate box?

If you are looking to improve your skateboarding technique, the skate box will be the golden key for you during this period. You can make your skate box simply. How to build a skate box? Once you have your skate box, you can place it and skate it anywhere. It allows you to skate in your yard, in crowded parks, or at your schoolyard.

How to build a skate box

Step 1: Prepare materials to make a skate box

Wood is the main material you need to earn. This wood should be strong enough and light for you to resist your jumps.

  • A piece of plywood measuring 4 feet by 8 feet with a thickness of 3/4 inches
  • One 0.5 kg box of 1 ⅝ inch. screws
  • One 0.5 kg box of 2 ½ inches. screws
  • A steel angle iron measures 2” x 2” x ¼”
  • Eight two-by-four wood boards with an eight-inch length

Tools needed:

  • A drill
  • Types of drill bits
  • An iron measuring tape
  • A saw
  • A combined square
  • A box of white chalk
  • A pencil

Step 2: Create the basic frame of the skate box

In the next step of “how to build a skate box”, the important thing you need to do is build a solid frame. A solid framework will give you a good foundation to take the next steps. Take two of the eight two-by-four wood boards and place the two pieces at the edges of the skate box.

You had better cut another two-by-four wood board into three pieces that are 1.9 inches long. Place two of the three cut parts in place on the uncut edge to create adjacent edges. Then add the rest in the center position for extra support.

You continue to do the same step above with the top part. Instead of cutting into three parts as before, you will need to cut nine equal-sized pieces. They will provide stability to your skate box.

Step 3: Put the basic frames together

To connect the bottom and top of the frame, you’ll need six two-by-four wooden slats with a length of 1 foot. They must be placed vertically near the 1.9-inch supports. They will respectively stand upright in positions of four corners and two positions in the middle. You need to fix them firmly in place with screws. Check that the joints are still shaking so you can make adjustments in time.

Step 4: Plywood positioning

In the next step, you need to create a skate box surface so that you can skate. Plywood must completely cover the top of the box. The edge of the board must fit snugly against the frame. The front will be about 3/4 inch higher than the frame so it makes a perfect angle with the plywood.

Step 5: Attach more screws and metal rods

That is the part of the box that you will grind, so it needs to be angled. Place it on the plywood, then mark where the screws will be secured. From the corner of the bend, the hole should be about 1 ¼ inch, leaving ¾ inches on the other side. From the edge of the box, leave about three inches. The goal is to place the screws far enough apart and keep them tightly aligned.

When you fix the screws, you must not let any nails stick up to avoid causing accidents while skateboarding.

Above is detailed information on how to build a skate box easy to do for you. We hope that this article will not disappoint you. Wish you success in creating the desired skate box.

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