How Much Does A Skateboard Cost

Prices have risen recently owing to supply chain concerns and a new golden era of skating, but availability is limited.
Skateboards don’t have to be pricey, but a tight budget means a subpar setup and a miserable ride. A nice skateboard costs how much?
Skateboarding Cost Breakdown
This is only the start. Extra fees are sometimes forgotten and might add up depending on your preferences. The grip tape on skate shoes typically eats through the suede.
Buying inexpensive goods means replacing components sooner, and cheap wheels flatten quickly. Likewise, inexpensive vehicles wear out far quicker than quality trucks.
Buying a used skateboard is a wonderful alternative if you don’t have much money to spend.
Extra skateboard gear costs
Finally, let’s look at monthly shoe, clothing, and skate park prices. This is a rough estimate since it depends on how frequently you skate.
Some skaters need to change their shoes every two months, others every six weeks. This table isn’t exact, but it provides you an idea.
Skateboard Decks ($35-50)
A deck may be found for about $30 on sale, although the usual deck costs around $50. Choose a deck from a recognized woodshop or brand.
Then there are blank cards that are less expensive than graphic decks. Buying in quantity saves money, but you risk getting warped cards since they are pressed a dozen at a time.
However, some decks cost as much as $200. P. Peralta Flight decks cost over $100 and are made of specific materials to endure longer. Due to their innovative build, Dwindle impact, Santa Cruz VX, and Lithe skateboards all cost more.
• Durable skateboard decks $90 – $200

Branded Decks ($50-$65)
Branded decks are the most costly. Except for a few brands, they are all of similar quality. It depends on the source.
They aid the skateboarding business (contests, sponsoring, etc). It also helps the business design better gear.
Pricey cards often have better condition than store and blank decks. More concave for tricks.
Blank Decks – $35 to $40
The pro models vary depending on where you get your blank deck. They may even share a factory.
Blank decks are wonderful for beginning to ride since they are more forgiving. If you purchase a substandard batch of blank cards, they may not last as long.
This is a good option if you break decks often.
Shop Decks – $30-40
Some stores stock their own. They either possess a skateboard deck press or purchase them in bulk and print their brand on them.
I know several skaters that exclusively shop at one store. Buying a store deck helps your local skate shop!

Trucks ($20–$80)
Trucks are likewise quite expensive. For $20, you can acquire CCS or Mini Logo trucks that will last a season or two. Independent Titaniums are roughly $75, a big difference.
Usually, costly vehicles outperform their cheaper counterparts. They also react better, which helps when landing tricks or eating sh*t. Beginners won’t notice, but as they improve, they will.
A good pair of trucks will cost you roughly $40 and will last forever. It takes time to get acclimated to new vehicles, so why not spend a bit more? Long term, it will save money.
• Quality skateboard trucks (Thunder, Independent): $40 – $60 • Expensive skateboard trucks (Indy titaniums): $80
Skateboard Wheels ($15-60)
There are so many options and pricing that it’s easy to become lost. Mini Logo street skateboard wheels are roughly $20, whereas Spitfires are $40. Mini Logo wheels will wear down quicker than Spitfires when flat spots are rare.
Why is the pricing so different? Mostly due to the plastic mix quality (or polyurethane). Mini Logo possibly utilizes cheaper plastics than Spitfire or Bones. This results in wheels that last a season or two, or wheels that last years.
Pro tip: When your wheels start coning, switch them around.
• Quality skateboard wheels (Bones, Spitfire): $45-$60

Grip Tape Cost
Some gip tape is more gritty than others and comes with prints, adding to the expenses. The inexpensive grip tape that comes with decks is usually fine. I wouldn’t sweat it.
A roll is a useful purchase if you often replace or grip tape decks. A single sheet might cost $6-20.
(Grizzly) $9 (Jessup) $7 (Mob) $15 (Grizzly) $20 (Printed color)
No Need for Expensive Gear
Not to worry, regular Bones Reds or Bronson G2’s are OK and cost approximately $15, but ceramics are a another matter and cost up to $100. There are more costly bearings, but these are used at high speeds.
• Mini logo bearings: $10 • Bones Reds or Bronson G2: $15
Bolts and nuts range from $2 to $6. Get the ones with the plastic rings inside so they don’t fall off while riding. Avoid low-quality independent hardware and go for Allen hardware.
Shoe Costs Are no Joke
Cheap skateboarding shoes range from $30 (on sale) to $100 for Nikes. Grip tape eats shoes so buy suede shoes, canvas shoes have holes in a day.
Some skaters require new shoes every four weeks (this is an extreme instance). Skating every day with fresh grip tape wears out shoes quickly. Sand your new grip tape before riding. There are other strategies to prolong skate shoe life.
Shoes last a long time if you ride bowls, tiny ramps, or vert. Decks are the same.

You will need strong, comfortable jeans that will last a long time if you purchase the appropriate ones. 874 dickies, cargo pants, Volcom last a long time. Pants are $30-$50.
#Protective Gear Not everyone wears protective gear, but a helmet and pads should be comfortable and dependable. Combo deals typically save you money and are worth investigating.
Knee pads may cost up to $100 (high duty), although $40-$60 should suffice. Wrist guards and elbow protectors start at $20.
Tools ($6-30)
Skate tools aren’t required but they’re nice. Premium skate tools are worth the extra money if you often change components on your skateboard. How Much Does a Skateboard Cost to Make?
The cost of a whole skateboard depends on the material and where it is made. The complete production process cost about $30-35. After So that’s fresh from the manufacturer, but expect to spend $75-150.
The costs are estimations and I checked it up but the data comes from a 2014 remark from a Chinese company. It should help you understand how a skateboard is made and why you spend so much more than the real production expenses.
Decks are produced for between $8 and $10 and then supplied to skateboard firms on a contract basis. In the end, wholesalers offer them to you at full retail price.
Wheels are cheap to create, but the better companies spend a lot of time researching and developing the greatest wheels. Likewise, constructing vehicles using superior materials costs more, yet they cost roughly $10 to manufacture (estimated).
Why? Brands need to fund skaters, arrange events, sell their goods, and constantly improve them.

Last Thoughts
A whole skateboard costs between $75 and $150 depending on the quality of the components. That’s only the start of many hidden expenditures. Some things cost more up front but save money in the long term.
Buying goods on sale (or even secondhand) may save you a lot of money. Taking adequate care of your gear, mending shoes, and switching wheels can extend its life.
Skateboarding isn’t as costly as other sports, but if you’re on a budget, be careful you spend it wisely.

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