How much do cameras for doorbells cost? The Comprehensive Guide 2022

How much do cameras for doorbells cost? The Comprehensive Guide 2022

Did you know?

In 2018, the global doorbell camera market was valued at over $1.4 billion.

Imagine how much this industry has expanded in size.

And you realize its significance when you desire one for your own home.

However, which doorbell camera best fits your budget?

Read on to discover:

  • How much an actual doorbell camera costs.
  • Considerations to make when selecting a doorbell camera
  • The top brands of doorbell cameras available for your house, plus much more…

How much do doorbell cameras cost?

Doorbell cameras range in price from approximately $60 to $250. The pricing is dependent on the camera’s brand and feature set. The latter consists of both built-in and paid features. You may also need to consider installation fees.

Costs of several doorbell cameras are compared.

Here’s a trivial fact:

In 2014, one of the first doorbell camera systems was invented.

And since then, more enhancements and developments have occurred.

Today, you can choose from a variety of brands.

There are also increasingly available add-on functions.

Then, how much will it all cost?

And even more crucial, is it worthwhile?

Here, we’ll compare different doorbell camera costs.

In addition, we will analyze their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

1: Ring Video Doorbell Wired: $60

As the name suggests, this one requires wiring.

However, at $59.99, it is one of the greatest deals available.

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is the brand’s smallest product of its kind.

But don’t let its bulk mislead you…

It offers a long variety of features, such as:

  • 1080p images that are crystal clear.
  • Compatible with Alexa from Amazon
  • Alerts for accurate motion and persons.

“However, is there a catch?”

Quite a few, to be perfectly honest.

First, it is incompatible with your current doorbell chime.

So that you can hear if someone is at your door, you’ll need a compatible doorbell.

Additionally, you must pay for additional features.

For example, if you wish to capture videos or require additional storage space.

These will incur an additional annual cost of $30.

2: Zmodo Greet: $100

Also available for a hundred dollars is the Zmodo Greet.

This doorbell camera is ideal for thrifty users…

Who desires more than what the Ring connected doorbell can provide?

I’m referring to more features.

The Zmodo Greet includes motion detection, 720p resolution, and cloud storage space.

Yes, it will record and preserve clips for 36 hours. No charge!

But does it also have disadvantages?

Yes. This product has connectivity troubles, to begin with.

And if you choose to upgrade your storage, you will be charged more than with comparable cameras.

3: Ring Video Doorbell 3: $179

Need something else?

For $179 and 99 cents, you receive a camera with the following features:

  • Two-way chat.
  • Video in HD with Night Vision
  • Motion detection and warnings.
  • Compatibility with Alexa from Amazon.
  • Rapid-detachable rechargeable battery

What is the catch, you inquire?

This camera can occasionally be a bit sluggish.

Additionally, storage is not always free.

For the first thirty days, there will be no charge.

After that, though, storage will cost $3 per month or $30 per year.

4: Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video: $194

“I want even more features,” however.

Then the Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video doorbell camera may be a suitable option for you.

This device is a favorite among techies due to its abundance of features.

Especially those who enjoy extremely sharp video resolution.

This camera has a resolution of 1080p.

However, do you know what is truly impressive?

It will function even at -40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because it is weather-resistant.

In addition, you receive the following benefits:

  • Two-way audio.
  • Activity history for the past week
  • A week of free video recording.
  • Mode of silence for when your infant is sleeping.
  • Multiple user functionality so that additional individuals receive alerts.
  • Motion sensor, even if your guests don’t ring your doorbell.

“Does that mean it’s flawless?”

Not exactly.

Some consumers say that the manufacturer provides inadequate technical help.

Which is significant given that this product is not the easiest to assemble.

Depending on where you purchase it, you may also be required to pay a subscription charge.

Additionally, prices differ from store to store.

However, if you are not purchasing it directly from the manufacturer…

A monthly monitoring cost of $12 to $50 will be required.

5: Vivint Camera: $199

Looking for something more straightforward?

Consider the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro in that case.

This camera shows more than simply who is at the door…

It can also safeguard your packages.


If someone attempts to take a package that was left at your doorstep, the camera will emit audible and visual alerts.

Additionally, it has a field of view of 180 degrees.

So that you are aware of precisely what is occurring at your front door.

Additionally, there are adjustable surveillance zones.

Which enables you to select which particular locations to watch.

“Sounds right. “Is there a downside?”

Yes, plenty of them.

First, you cannot purchase this item alone.

Additionally, you must acquire a Vivint Security system.

When it comes to cloud storage, you must also pay extra…

The monthly cost of the Vivint Security Plan is $49.99.

6: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2: $250

“Can I simply acquire something of exceptional quality without incurring additional costs?”

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is an excellent product.

This doorbell camera has a resolution of 1536p.

Therefore, you are certain of receiving video and audio of superior quality.

Additionally, it includes built-in Alexa greetings.

This will be useful if you cannot or do not choose to answer the door.

Plus you get 3D Motion Detection.

According to the manufacturer, this is the very first doorbell camera of its sort.

And you won’t need to worry about installation.

If you need assistance, you can count on exceptional customer service.

The only expense associated with this product is the monthly cloud storage fee.

The first month will be complimentary.

After that, though, you will be charged $3 per month or $30 per year for six months of recorded activity.

Total expenditures for a doorbell camera

One-time charges

The purchase of a doorbell camera incurs one-time expenses. Which are:

1: Installation

You must initially pay for the installation.

Using Home Advisor’s listed prices, the average cost of installation is $1,326, on average.

Each wired camera costs from $150 to $200.

The average cost for wireless camera installation is $100.

Watch this video to learn how to install a Ring doorbell yourself:

2: Device cost

In addition, you must additionally pay for the device itself.

You can purchase one for approximately $60.

Or splurge and pay roughly $250 in an advanced product.

Monthly charges

The installation of a doorbell camera may imply monthly costs.

The following are the most frequent monthly expenses you will incur.

1: Subscriptions

Typically, doorbell cameras provide free cloud storage.

For some products, however, the trial period will eventually expire.

For instance, some cameras offer one week of free online storage.

While some will only allow you to utilize the storage space for a month,

After that, a subscription charge will be required for storing recorded footage and monitoring.

The least expensive plan costs $3 per month.

The most expensive option costs approximately $5 each month.

In addition, some subscriptions are annual. These cost from $30 and $99.99.

If you want a camera without a monthly fee…

You must purchase one with an add-on or in a package.

The supplementary item will provide free storage for your recorded footage.

2: Maintenance

The expenses associated with maintenance will vary based on: • Your warranty coverage.

  • The issue classification of your doorbell camera.
  • Whether any replacement parts are required.

3: Accessories

Lastly, you will be charged for additional accessories.

“Am I obligated?”

This is dependent on two factors.

First, if you are interested in upgrading your doorbell video system.

For example, you can purchase outside cameras from Ring to complement your doorbell camera.

And second: occasionally, you must.

For example, Vivint doorbell cameras must be installed with the Vivint Security system.

You cannot use your camera unless their full system is installed.

People also wonder:

Do doorbell cameras provide value?

The answer depends on the relative importance of three factors:

  • Security.
  • Calmness of mind
  • Comfort and ease of use.

Installing a doorbell camera is not exactly inexpensive.

However, the payout might be quite substantial.

You acquire an intelligent home device that can enhance your quality of life.

In addition, it can improve your home’s worth.

And if you’re striving for a truly smart home…

A doorbell camera is a smart purchase.

How much does the installation of a doorbell camera cost?

The cost of installing a camera doorbell varies.

It begins at approximately $600 and can exceed $2,000

You can install the gadget yourself if you would rather not pay for installation.

Some are simple to set up, while others will be difficult.

How much does the Ring doorbell cost each month?

The monthly membership option for the Ring doorbell begins at $3 per month.

This is for archiving audio and video snippets for up to six months.

If you wish, you can save far more by purchasing a $30 annual subscription.

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