Electric Skateboard Laws In Texas. Are They Legal To Ride?

The state of Texas is very big.

It’s hard to ignore all the beauty, great people, food, and freedom that come with living in a state of this size and quality.

But what are the laws and rules about motorized and electric skateboards in Texas?

Electric skateboards are legal to ride in own in the state of Texas.

That doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, though.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper.

E-Board Laws in Texas

There isn’t a lot of information online, but anyone who wants to ride a regular or electric skateboard must follow the same rules as someone riding a motorized or electric bicycle.

That means you should ride your bike in the bike lane and not on the sidewalk.

People on foot should use the sidewalk… Riding a skateboard at 20 mph on the sidewalk of a big city like Dallas or Houston can be dangerous for everyone.

Even so, bike lanes are much safer than other places.


They have less traffic and let you ride in your own lane, away from both people and cars.

Just be careful when you turn and when you get to a crossroads (usually a greater chance of an accident).

Aside from that, you can ride your board however you want. Just use your common sense and don’t break the law.

Different Jurisdictions

Even though electric skateboards are legal in Texas, that might not be the case everywhere.

Don’t forget that Texas is a huge state that covers almost 2700,00 square miles. Electric skateboards are not the only thing for which different rules and laws exist in different places.

You should be able to ride your electric skateboard wherever you want, but if you’re really worried, you could call your local town/city hall or police department (non-emergency number) and ask them if riding a motorized skateboard is legal and what the rules are.

You Must Follow Traffic Laws

You can’t do whatever you want just because you’re on a board…

You must follow all of the rules of the road that the state of Texas has set up.

Which means:


Stopping at red lights and stop signs

Guys, come on, if you blow through a red light or stop sign, you’re asking to die.

People will also have a harder time noticing you on an electric skateboard than when you’re driving a car, since you’re a smaller and quieter target.

Stop and make sure that the other cars can see you before moving forward.

Riding on the right side of the road

More common sense. You should ride your e-board in the same direction as traffic, just like you walk.

Even though you can see oncoming cars when you ride in the opposite direction of traffic, you are more likely to cause an accident.

‘The right of way’

Those who have “the right of way” go first.

If you see a car at an intersection before you do, they go through first. Those in the circle have the right of way at a roundabout (unless marked).


Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks

At some crosswalks, pedestrians can cross whenever they want. So, cars coming the other way must stop for them.

If you see a sign that says “Stop for pedestrians,” you have to do what it says.

Follow the speed limit

You might think that electric skateboards are too slow to go the speed limit, but this is not true.

In some school zones, you can only go 10-15 mph. Some electric skateboards can go up to 25 miles per hour.

Slow down so you can stay within the speed limit!



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